On Auction-style online listings, We Sell Your Stuff 4U charges 40% commission for items that successfully sell up to $1000.00. If your item sells for between $1000.01 to $3000.00, the commission goes down to 33%. $3000.01 and up, the commission is only 25%.

Regular Auction Sale Price
We Sell Your Stuff 4U Commission
Your $$$

Our fees include professional pictures, packaging materials and all eBay/PayPal fees so there's nothing else to add in. Shipping is always paid for by the buyer. If the consignor elects to offer Free Shipping, We Sell Your Stuff 4U will add an appropriate cost increment to the starting price that will include the cost of shipping and handling.

Other options such as Fixed Price, Reserve and other options will be discussed if the consignor wishes to use these options as the fees are different for these type auctions.

Payments are processed at the end of every month for all items that have completed successfully. Commissions will be deducted from the payment according the fee schedule. Checks will be processed and mailed to the address you gave us when listing your item. If preferred, you can call us at (215) 778-7279 to schedule a time to stop by our office and pick up your check.


Unsuccessful Auction Listing: On the occasion where an item does not sell, We Sell Your Stuff 4U will relist the item 2 additional times. We Sell Your Stuff 4U may suggest a lower starting price for the item to get the item sold. At no point will We Sell Your Stuff 4U automatically lower an item without the consignor's approval. After 2 relists, the item will be deemed unsellable and will be returned to the consignor with no fees.


Cancellation of Auction Listing - Extreme Circumstances ONLY: 33% or $25.00, whichever is less, of Listing Starting Price.

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